Welcome to the Wado-Hashi Blog! I am Master Tom, a 5th degree Black Belt and a leading karate instructor in the industry with over 45 years of karate teaching experience. The word Wado means, "Way Of," and Hashi means, "Bridge.” A bridge is constructed for the purpose of providing passage over an obstacle, usually something that is otherwise difficult or impossible to cross. I’ve titled my blogsite Wado-Hashi, or, “The Way of the Bridge” to reflect how passionate I am about giving my students a personal, positive learning experience while gaining self-confidence and learning the art of Karate.  My company, Professional Karate, provides that bridge for the student by offering a complete Online Karate course that will take the student from White Belt to Black Belt.  

This Japanese style of Karate is a way of life and my legacy. Wado-Ki Karate prides itself on teaching students a peaceful way of life through discipline and self-respect. It is my passion and goal to pass on this Japanese style of Wado-Ki Karate to future generations.

Please come back frequently to this blog page to leave your comments about the weekly topics I will be posting. One more thing, this is a family friendly page so please be respectful with any comments you post. 

Domo Arigato,

Master Tom