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This is a complete Black Belt Karate Course that is available via Online Streaming 24/7 anywhere, anytime with access to the internet. You will be able to learn the Japanese Wado-Ki style of karate at your own pace, on your own schedule, and in the privacy of your own home or office

Master Ramsey will be your personal karate instructor and set up for total success. His methods are simple. He will teach you all of the necessary karate techniques, drills, katas, and self-defense tactics for each belt level. When you complete this course, you will be a board-certified Black Belt and a qualified instructor in the Wado-Ki Karate style.

Once you become a board-certified Black Belt you can then start a new and exciting journey as a paid karate instructor. Master Ramsey will personally coach you along this path and share his experience and his methods to make teaching Wado-Ki Karate an extra stream of income.

Sample Lesson

Wado-Ki Karate does not just give belts away to their respective students. We expect you to give 100% all of the time. This Online Black Belt Course will set up for success and give you all of the tools necessary to earn your Black Belt in the Wado-Ki Karate system.

It is entirely up to you, the student to push yourself with a burning desire through each belt level. Anything less than that will show through in the video testing process. It is not about “getting” a Black Belt, one must earn their Black Belt in our system.

You will have a deeper respect for yourself and for the art of karate when you earn your Black Belt using this simple and proven Wado-Ki Online Black Belt Karate Course. You will be proud of yourself upon obtaining your Black Belt!


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