Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do this?

Anyone who has ever wanted to learn the art of karate and get their Black Belt can do this. People that may not have had the resources or the time can now learn the art of karate with our Online Black Belt Karate Course.

Maybe you previously started karate at some point in your life and then got away from it because of a shift in your schedule, or maybe you could not find the time to drive to a class once or twice a week, or maybe you had to relocate and move to remote area. Maybe you just could not afford to pay the thousands of dollars to go to a karate school.

If any one of these reasons have stopped you in the past from learning karate, now is the time to take action and become one of the many Wado-Ki Karate students through our Online Black Belt Karate program. Master Ramsey promises you will save thousands of dollars and get the same results when you complete the Online Black Belt Karate program. We are dedicated to your success 24/7 and 365 days a year.

How do I get started?

Purchase the Wado-Ki Online Black Belt Karate Course.
Follow along and learn the techniques and drills in their belt order, from Beginner through Black Belt.
When you are ready to test, simply video yourself calling out each technique and perform that technique in the order of that belt rank. Next, simply upload the video to our website for Master Ramsey to critique and grade for belt certification. Send in the required test fee for that belt level. Done!

What is the best way to study this online course?

Ideally, Master Ramsey suggests that you commit to training one to two days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. However, the beauty of training online with our program is that you can study anywhere or anytime on any device with internet access.

After you purchase the Online Black Belt Karate Course, use the criteria for the belt you are training for from the free Official Wado-Ki Karate Manual, starting with the first belt. Stay focused and watch the online training videos for that belt only. Study, practice and learn the techniques in the order they appear for each belt on the streaming videos.

Remember, this is a journey and one should not rush through the belts. Take time to understand each belt rank. Do not let yourself be fooled into going too far ahead of yourself. Practice makes perfect! When you have completely understood the purpose of each technique and are able to explain and perform each technique as instructed, then it is time for you to move on to the next technique in the same belt level.

How can I complete a test to pass my belt exams?


Once you have completed, learned, and become proficient enough with each technique and its application, then you are ready to test for that specific belt rank.

To test for each belt rank, all you need to do is to create a video of yourself naming each technique as you demonstrate them. Give a short verbal explanation of the application or the purpose of that technique and then perform each technique four times with each side of the body.

Next, simply upload the video to our website for Master Ramsey to critique and grade for belt certification. Fill out the Belt Test Application form at the bottom of the streaming lesson page for the belt rank you are testing for, and pay the required test fee amount. The test fee for each belt, Yellow through Brown Belt is $30. The Black Belt test fee is only $100.

You will be notified by email when Master Ramsey has received, reviewed, and passed your uploaded video test for that belt rank. You will then receive a hard copy of your official belt certification in the regular mail. Only upon passing that belt rank should you attempt to move forward to the next belt rank.

Have you considered plans for multiple participants from a single global house?


I encourage multiple participants to use the Online Black Belt Karate program. I do not charge extra for multiple users. However, each student is responsible to pay their own test fees for their respected belt certification.

What age can a child begin in your program?

Age 6+

It is more about the child’s maturity than age. As a rule of thumb, a child could possibly start learning this program at age six.

Can you take this course without a training partner?

Yes, you can take and pass this course without a training partner.

I am interested in the online program. How do people get graded to the black belt status?

Once a student is ready to test for a particular belt rank they would video themselves performing the techniques needed for that particular belt and upload their “test” video directly to me through their Professional Karate Online account. I personally view each submitted belt test video and provide any necessary corrections in a written critique to the student. Upon passing their belt test, I mail the appropriate belt certificate to the student.

Are the test videos private? I have been looking at other online karate schools and many post their online students test videos on there facebook page for advertising purposes, which kind of turned me away from other online schools.

Yes, the test videos are private. I am the only one that views the test videos and I will never share any student or client information. That is my personal promise to you.

What is the difference between and Wado-Ki Karate and Wado Kai Karate?

Great Question! Both of these Japanese styles of karate are derived from the parent Japanese karate style of Wado-Ryu karate. They are similar in many ways, but not the same style. Wado-Ki karate is based in the U.S.A. and Wado-Kai is based in Canada.

How many belts and what is the average time it takes an online student to achieve all belts through black belt?

There are a total of twelve belts in the Wado-Ki karate system from beginner to Shodan, first degree black belt. The average time it takes to earn a black belt in this system depends on each individual. If a student dedicates themselves to studying two to three times a week for forty five minutes each, the average time it could take to earn a black belt could be between 1 and 2 years or less.

Should I fail a test is there a critique on what to improve or an additional fee for resubmission?

Yes, with all test, pass or fail, I will send a critique with any adjustments that need to be made. There are no additional test fees for re-testing. I am confident that you will do well on each belt test.

I have some issues with my knees and hips, does the Wado Ki style and testing high and spin kicking?

We do not do any high kicking in the Wado-Ki style of karate.  Kicks to the midsection or lower areas of an opponent’s body are very effective, as you will see. There is some spinning involved but in a short time you will develop some good balance. I consider all ages and abilities when grading test and I meet the student where they are. FYI, I just had a 68 year old male with some physical challenges exactly like the one you mentioned, test for his Black Belt in May 2017 and passed.

Do you offer a syllabus or curriculum of what the training will entail?

Yes, the Free Wado-Ki Karate manual you receive once you purchase the Steaming program will layout everything you need to do for each belt test.

I will be training alone with no access to a partner; will that affect my ability to test?

Training alone will not have any negative effect on your ability to test or on your promotions.

How long does it take to get a black belt online?

That is up to the student. However, if you are diligent and train on an average of 2 hours a week, then you should be testing about every three month on average. So you could potentially earn your black belt between in as little as 1 to 2 years or sooner. It really depends on your motivation and dedication. Regardless, we will move at the rate that you are comfortable with. By that I mean I do not hold anyone back. When you are ready to test, we test!

What are your belt examinations fees?

The test fees are $30.00 (U.S.) for each belt up to black belt. The black belt test only cost $100.00. These prices are locked once you create an account online. You only pay once for your belt test. In the event you have to redo your test (that has never happened yet), you will not have to pay again to re-test.

Do I submit videos for belt testing?

Yes. When you are ready to test for a particular belt rank you will directed to a page in your online account. There you will check the box for the belt rank you are testing for and have access to a private and secure Dropbox link, to upload your test videos.

Do you send a certificate and belt each time someone passes that particular level?

Yes, I send out a belt certificate to a student each time they pass the particular belt rank they are testing for. I do not provide the actual belt. Purchasing your Karate belts are your responsibility. They are easily accessible and affordable online. I recommend the Bold Look (https://www.boldlook.net) for karate uniforms (Gi’s) and belts.

How do you get the instructor certification once you get your black belt?

Once you receive your Black Belt certificate from this course, you are then officially board certified. A Shodan rank or first degree Black Belt certificate is recognized around the world by any sport organization. The certificate you receive form me is proof that you are officially certified to teach Wado-Ki Karate. In Wado-Ki Black Belt can teach any student and promote them up to one belt degree below their own level of certification.