"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do." - Bruce Lee



Master Tom Ramsey

6th degree (Master) Black Belt

Master Ramsey currently holds the belt rank of Rokudan, 6th degree Master Black Belt in the Wado-Ki Style of karate and a 2nd degree in the Wado-Ryu style of karate. He  has dedicated his time and efforts over the past 50 years to the Martial Arts. Master Ramsey first practiced the art of self-defense learning Jiu-Jitsu in 1969 and 1970.

Then in 1971 Master Ramsey began his journey with Wado-Ryu, a Japanese style of karate and achieved his 1st degree (Shodan) Black Belt in 1975 from Grand Master (Judan) Roger Jerome in the Wado-Ryu system.

In 1981 Grand Master Roger Jerome established Wado-Ki Martial Arts Incorporated, AKA Wado-Ki Karate. Master Ramsey followed his master’s new style of Wado-Ki Karate, a blend of Wado-Ryu karate, Shotokan Karate, Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu.

Master Ramsey has never looked back and has since added Martial Art Weapons to his skill set. Master Ramsey wants to share his love and passion for the Martial Arts with anyone that has a desire to learn.

His goal is to teach students a peaceful way of life through discipline and self-respect.


Sensei Connie Ramsey

4rth degree Black Belt

Sensei Connie currently holds the belt rank of Yondan, 4th degree Black Belt in Wado0-Ki Karate. She began her Martial Arts training in 2005 with Master Tom Ramsey and Grand Master (Kudan) Roger Jerome. Sensei Connie chose the Wado-Ki style of karate because of its direct, common sense approach to the art of karate and self-defense.

Sensei Connie earned her Black Belt in 2012, her second degree black belt in 2014, and her third degree black belt in 2017. Connie appreciates the benefits of  increased flexibility, self-confidence and mental sharpness that karate has given her.

She loves working with and teaching Wado-Ki Karate students.


Sensei Michael Hall

2nd Degree Black Belt

Michael Hall is a 2nd Degree Nidan Black Belt in the art of Wado-Ki Karate who has proven himself to be a diligent student, historian, sounding board and proliferating voice of the Professional Karate program.

A patient and encouraging teacher both in and out of the dojo, Michael excels at creating study guides, fitness routines and meal plans for his students.

But perhaps his greatest strength lies in his extensive kata research and innovative practical application development.

Embracing both the self-perfection as well as self-protection benefits of karate, Michael is a shining example of how studious martial arts practice strengthens not only the mind and body but spirit as well.