The Power of Journaling

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Journaling is a very powerful tool at your disposal in your martial arts journey. There are many different ways to keep a journal and you will need to find the way that works best for you. In reality you will probably have several methods combined into a very personal book that is unique to you. The benefits are far reaching. Not only will you see greater improvement in your karate technique and progress much faster, but your mental health will also reap many rewards.

Taking notes directly after instruction is an excellent way to re-enforce the material that was covered that day by your instructor. (Note taking during notes class may be disruptive or you may miss important information while you are focussed on writing.) It forces your mind to visualize and run through the new information step by step. By writing it out you develop a stronger connection to the material and are less likely to forget the information. This is an excellent way to solidify new concepts, movements, applications and kata sequences in your own words to really connect with them as your own.

Another advantage of journaling your martial arts journey is the ability to properly design, coordinate and implement your training schedule. In grade school you may learn to read in class, but picking up books when you get home is when that reading potential is truly unleashed. A home training regime is where you will really see your karate graduate to the next level. No matter your belt rank, keeping track of what days you train, what you practiced on those days and how the experience went overall will give you incredibly valuable data to quantify. It takes the guesswork out of tracking improvements and identifying areas of your training that may need some extra focus.

In addition to managing your physical training, keeping a journal is also a great way to boost your mental fitness as well. Coping with stress and managing anxiety or depression can be overwhelming. Journaling is another tool in your martial arts arsenal to foster your self expression and meet life’s challenges head on. A well rounded martial artist trains not just their body but their mind and spirit as well.

There are so many possibilities and new avenues that will become available to you if you journal regularly. Perhaps you are tracking exercises, reps and the amount of weight you lifted. Or maybe you have some personal notes jotted down about your kata, bunkai brainstorming or some post workout thoughts on how the training process is going along with areas you wish to target. The journal may go beyond being a physical training diary and become a place for you to scribe daily gratitudes, goals and emotions.

The power of journaling will help you unlock your martial arts potential and balance your mind, body and spirit. Do you need help with your journal? Find us on Facebook for help getting started!

-Sensei Mike

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Michael Hall
2nd Degree Black Belt